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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 7, 2014 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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crews worked all night to get everything turned back on. in montgomery county swift water boat teams rescued a husband and wife inside their car. >> the storms have started to move away but leaving behind quite the cools if and we're not complaining. >> no. 100% dry is the guarantee we're getting from storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> we're loving it. >> once i'm willing to give you 100% on anything i mean it. 99% is not the same. we will be 100% rain-free on your sunday. you can get outside and enjoy the day. we will have a fair amount of clouds in from time to time but that's not going to interrupt your day, i don't suspect. refreshing breeze out there for now. the view looking northbound straight up wisconsin avenue towards bethesda, chevy chase, rockville pike, good looking morning, more sunshine in northern maryland than southern maryland. the view from prince george's county over the district and parts of arlington as well, nice looking morning outside. temperatures here in the metro 66 rockville and gaithersburg.
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73 at national airport. 68 in brandywine and rosariville in prince george's county and your sunday starter, temperatures now moving their way into the middle and upper 70s. your afternoon, a mix of clouds and sunshine but a beauty of a day. temperatures upper 70s and low 80s for the afternoon time. back into the low 70s by 9:00 tonight. nice, quiet overnight tonight but rain chances are back, no later than lunch time tomorrow. more about all that and the week ahead coming up in a few more minutes. new this morning a quiet community wakes up to a heavy police presence. two children from the same home are dead. police are trying to figure out why. news 4's derrick ward is getting new reaction from neighbors in shefr early. this is one of those stories that makes your heart drop. >> well, indeed, it does. even though we don't know a lot in the way of details. direct your attention to the scene. police are still here on the scene in the 1600 block of
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forest row. it was about 2:13 this morning when they got a call for the fire department to respond to this house for unresponsive individuals. unresponsive people. when they got here, they immediately called prince george's police for assistance and found two children unresponsive both taken to the hospital and both have been pronounced dead. police aren't giving a lot of information in the way of circumstances of their deaths but they are saying this does not appear to be random but it does appear to be very unusual for this neighborhood. >> nothing ever happens in shef early. it's shocking what occurred here. it's just devastating and it's a travesty. i just want to say cheverly is a great area to live. >> reporter: now in talking to folks who lived in this neighborhood for a while they say the people that are -- have lived in this house have been here about 20 years and some say they do not recall young children here at this home.
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however, police do say that was the victims of whatever happened here, they were young children. they do not have an age and police saying this does not appear to be random crime. we are live in cheverly, derrick ward, back to you. >> thank you. right now police in maryland want you to know more about the move over law. it comes with a more than $100 ticket and points on your license. now you're supposed to move over an extra lane when you see a police or emergency vehicle on the side of the road. starting next month, you will have to move over for tow trucks too. we all know college is a time many students start building up their credit. some accounts can come with hefty fees. news 4 reporter erika gonzalez joining us now with a warning. >> as college students head off to school, they're going to have to figure out how to set up their banking and receive their
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financial aid. campus sponsored bank accounts and prepaid cards may seem an easy and convenient choice and they often also serve as student i.d.s but "consumer reports" has found some of these accounts could be a fee trap. >> allows you to manage your money easier. >> reporter: a recent promotional video. it is the biggest player in campus banging and says it -- banking and says it offers cards at 800 institutions. consumer union looked at higher one and eight other companies that offer campus sponsored accounts. staff attorney susan martindale says students should be careful about signing up for them. >> we've seen high and unusual fees. the kinds of fees you wouldn't typically see on a regular retail bank account. >> reporter: fees from the companies can include overdraft tees as high as $38. a fee each time you use the debit card, 50 cents, out of network atm charges that can run
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as high as $3 and even an inactivity fee if you don't use your account. consumers union found while some of the accounts that analyzed have low cost option, students need to use the accounts carefully or risk incurring hundreds of dollars a year in usage fees. so, why would anyone sign up for campus sponsored accounts? >> many students find it difficult to avoid signing up for these products and maybe the default option to manage their financial aid money. being nickeled and dimed out of the aid. >> reporter: a class-action lawsuit against higher one alleges aggressive and deceptive marketing and a failure to disclose unconscionable fees. students don't need a campus sponsored account to get their financial aid. by federal law, you can have it directly deposited to an existing account or get cash or a check. the lawsuit against higher one is expected to settle this fall for $15 million.
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there's no admission of wrongdoing but higher one has agreed to drop some of the worst fees. still, consumers union is concerned most of the aggressive marketing tactics remain untouched. and believes regulators should step in to protect students from campus banking arrangements that restrict choices and starnlg unfair fee -- and charge unfair fees. >> we reached out to higher one. higher one tells us, it agrees with many of the recommendations made by the consumer reports. and it is hoping to set a new standard for the industry and has already addressed and is in the process of addressing several recommendations identified as a part of the federal process to establish changes in the rules in governing all providers. higher one says it is committed to the industry establishment of clear fact based and neutral presentation of choices and fee disclosures. >> this morning a new era for
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a traffic alert to tell you about. a major road project getting under way in fairfax county. v-dot will begin repaving route 644 in springfield. the area you're going to want to avoid is elder avenue to rolling road. on franconia road old king mill. the repaving expected to tick about three months. road work will happen sunday through thursday between the hours of 9:00 at night and 5:00 in the morning. a traffic alert in montgomery county. ride on buss are changing some of their route schedules. beginning today their new arrival and departure times for several routes will be posted and we're going to post a link to the timetables on search ride on. >> happening today, the jericho city of craze megachurch will install a new pastor.
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dr. jasmine skewlar will be one of the young nest our area to lead a megachurch. jericho is on jericho city and bishop peoples drive. tonight at 7:00, the bishop will minister and officialate the ceremony. >> part of alexandria will be decked out in pink. this is what it will look like for today's pink heel tours. first responders to ride around in pink cars for women battling cancer. see the pink fire trucks and police cruisers until 3:00 p.m. on north royal street in alexandria. in just a few minutes you'll get to see the president's exclusive interview on "meet the press." chuck todd was the man asking those questions. he's going to join nous our studio next to give us his perspective on what the president said. now to our chuck bell. >> i've been putting the finishing chances on our rain chances for the week ahead.
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new developments overnight in the crisis in iraq. the u.s. has begun air strikes in western iraq targeting isis. the goal to keep a vital dam from falling into the hands of islamic insurgents. isis tried to capture the same dam that iraqi forces were able to fight them off.
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the pentagon released a statement this morning saying the iraqi government requested today's air strikes. the u.s. has launched 133 air trying strikes in iraq since the beginning of august. >> in about 15 minutes chuck todd takes the reigns as moderator of "meet the press" and starting off big with an exclusive interview with president obama. >> we have the honor of being his first stop this sunday morning. he was with us earlier, here now, thanks for joining us. >> it's all onhill from here. the president, good luck books next week. >> the president finds himself with a half dozen hot spots and conflicts around the world. what is his plan to bring down isis. >> it was clear to me and you'll see this isis is as much as anything. isis is front and center. taken it seriously enough, meeting with leaders tuesday, giving a speech to the country on wednesday, to sort of lay out a strategy.
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the idea, that it was ten days ago, he does now. he begins to lay it out. does eliminate u.s. boots on the ground but there has to be boots in syria and still seems to be that they have an idea of what they want the strategy to be but are they going to be able to implement. wants buy-in from saudi arabia. wants boots on the ground not americans. saudi arabian or jordanen boots, needs to be sunni boots on the ground in syria to have a chance of defeating isis. >> a topic that has people fired up, the president's decision to delay executive action on the issue of immigration. this is a topic you pressed him on. take a listen right here. >> i'm going to act because it's the right thing for the country but it's going to be more sustainable and effective if the public understands what the facts are on immigration and what we've done on unaccompanied children and why it's necessary.
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>> so he's not saying this was tactical or as far as decision making, at the same time you have a lot of democrats that have publicly begged him to delay this and his approval ratings in the battleground states below 40 in most of them. >> just about every one including a swing state like colorado. he admitted politics was a part of the issue. he says that the public has gotten more nervous because of what happened over the summer. the politics of the issue change with the surge of the children at the border and that's why he felt he couldn't take action because the public wasn't with him. that's his reasoning there. it does smack of november politics. >> ask about nervousness. did you get any sleep last night? >> the last two nights i did out of exhaustion finally. it was the last three weeks that have been nervous. a couple hours of sleep each
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night. kind of helpful to do half the show saturday, taping the interview with the president. >> sure. >> it does alleviate -- that alleviated a little bit of the nerves. >> historic mantle. good luck. >> we know you love what you do and it's fun to watch you do it. >> thanks. >> looking forward to it. >> see you here next week. >> all right. >> i promise. >> and just a reminder that you can see "meet the press" with chuck every sunday here on nbc 4. right after "news 4 today." >> the winter classic will be in nationals park this hockey season. we knew the capitals would be part of the game, but we weren't sure where it would be played. the game is being played outdoors. the caps will play the blackhawks on the field in the ballpark january 1st and it will all be totally transformed into a hockey ring then. >> okay. little side story here before we went on with chuck, he was talking about how when he got the job, his fourth grader said does this mean you get to do something cool like what chuck
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bell does, like the weather. >> i met his son and ughter. maybe dad will get to do the weather. >> instead of politics, right. >> we'll switch hit. i'll do "meet the press" one week and he can do the weather and which turns out to be a bigger disaster. >> i told him we'll have a chuck-off one day. >> my first question to the president, what do you think about oklahoma's chances this year. what do you mean? where's this coming from. >> anyway, for us, finally heat, humidity, gone, good-bye. it is september, time to say hello to autumn around here. a blazing hot start to the month of september. five out of the first six days in september were all 90 or higher and only day that wasn't was 89 degrees last wednesday. outside on a sunday morning, that's about the only way to describe today compared to yesterday. such a nice change. a north breeze has set up shop and going to continue to funnel in cooler, less humid air that will be with us for the remainder of today. i wish i could tell you it was
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going to stick around and stay this nice all week. it is not. rain chances are back tomorrow. north breeze at 14 miles per hour right now. but on the whole, outside of a nice breeze, nothing to worry about. the weather impact on your sunday virtually nil. thinning clouds out by later on this afternoon and about 15 to 20 degrees cooler today than yesterday. yesterday we made 95 degrees again. still in the mid and upper 60s in the shenandoah valley, only upper 60s to lower 70s around the metro and that fighting the in and out of the clouds will hold temperatures down significantly today inside the beltway, only going to spend an hour or two above the 80 degree mark. most of the day will be spent in the mid to upper 70s. no weather worries for today. headed to the ball game, nationals and phillies at 1:35. great weather for baseball. temperatures upper 70s to near 80. going up to baltimore for the ravens game, going to be good weather. dining outside tonight, picnic weather in the back yard for sure. mild and dry.
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outside dining temperatures in the 70s. sun sets at 7:29 tonight. those earlier sun sets are starting to catch up with us. future weather forecast into pieces, the first piece is for today. nothing to worry about by 4:00 this afternoon, partly to at times mostly sunny skies. clouds will start to come back in after about 8:00 or 9:00 this evening. by 11:00, partly cloudy skies out here to the west of the metro and by early tomorrow, mostly cloudy, by 6:30 tomorrow morning with rain chances starting to come back into the forecast. so bus stop weather for tomorrow morning, cloudy, cooler, may not need the umbrella in the morning but you will need it later in the day. put it in the backpack. morning temperatures in the 60s. then tomorrow by lunch time tomorrow, everybody getting in on the rain chances for sure. most of the rain this time will be south of the metro, not to the north. but everyone has a chance of getting rained on tomorrow so just sort of keep that in mind. your rain chance graphic for tomorrow. lowest to the north, highest to the south. seven-day forecast time, rain
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chances are highest this week for tomorrow and early tuesday. rain takes a little vacation from us on wednesday. wednesday is looking like a really nice could be calling in sick kind of day to work and then thursday heat and humidity back but for only one day. a real shot at september cool air arrives for next weekend. >> i think we can deal with one day. >> as far as sunday, an oasis here take advantage. here take advantage. >>
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prince george's schools say it needs more quality male teachers. >> this school year a new group is trying to address the problem. news 4's aaron gilchrist shows us how. >> albert lewis is creating a wall of inspiration, quote, from hip-hop music to motivate ninth graders and hopes his presence is motivating for young men too. >> if you can kind of inject more males into the building imagine the type of power and influence you could have over students. >> reporter: louis is in his first year in prince george's county among nearly 2,000 teachers in the district but that number represents a problem. >> our ability to increase male educators, reduces the burden on some of the teachers having to be mothers and fathers, counselors to the students. >> reporter: 23% of teachers in prince george's were male compared to 51% of students. in montgomery county, 26% of
10:25 am
teachers were men and 51% of students are male. d.c. has a ratio of 23 to 51% and fairfax county 18.5 to 52%. board of ed member curtis valentine started the male educator effort back in may. you can be cool and be a teacher, valentine says. >> we wear the same sneakers and same music you listen to, but we know that as teachers we have to be professional and oftentimes that divide keeps students from wanting to be like us. >> reporter: the network is building a robust social media campaign. the twitter account @men of pgcps started the school year posting images of new and returning male teachers. >> we want to meet students where they are, information out quickly. >> reporter: we visited teachers in training at flowers high,
10:26 am
most women. a simple message to recruit men. >> the students need you the future needs you and i can't think of a better profession to come into where you can see a direct impact on your work right away. >> reporter: senior marcus started high school shy. today he's the sxhapdser of the school jrotc and president of the manhood 101 mentoring group. >> sometimes when i see teachers standing in front of the class it's reassuring that us males, especially african-american males, we can still affect our community in positive ways. >> proof there's value in growing the ranks of male teachers and figuring out how to keep people like albert lewis, eight years under his belt, they will tap him to mentor new teachers. >> that one moment where something happens and you're like they got it right and what that does, it refuels you, re-energizes you to give it all you have. >> in spring dale maryland, aaron gilchrist, news 4.
10:27 am
>> the network plans to push for more policies to create incentives that attract more male teachers and keep them in classrooms. >> great effort. the big headline today, we're still raving about is the heat wave is over. >> gone. that's it. >> out of here. >> august has finally let go of its sweltering grip on us and the seventh day of september will finally start to feel like september. >> all right. >> thank you very much. that's it for "news 4 today" "meet the press" up next. >> wake up with us monday morning, we get started dark and early at 4:26 a.m.
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press," an exclusive interview with president obama on the isis threat. >> the next phase. >> why he's delaying action on immigration. >> when i take executive action, i want to make sure it's sustainable. >> on the political fight. >> give me a loyal opposition that has some common sense. >> and struggling with the theatrics of the presidency. >> if it's not something that always comes naturally to me. >> plus, who needs washington. cities around the country are making significant change. i'll ask three mayors what they are doing right and what washington needs to learn. and the battle for the senate. new exclusive poll numbers that remind us just when we


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